Mummy Pumpkin Halloween Craft

Get ready for Halloween with this adorable and not-so-spooky mummy pumpkin craft. With only a few supplies, your children will adore these mummy pumpkin friends

Pumpkin Mummy Halloween Craft (5)

Mini pumpkins are so adorable that I want to line my front yard with them. But they are difficult to carve since they are so tiny.

With just some white tape and googly eyes, you can make this no-carve mummy pumpkin for Halloween. This simple craft is perfect for preschoolers and elementary school kids. You can also easily do this craft at a Halloween party with a group of kids.

How to Make a Mummy Pumpkin


  • Mini pumpkins (I got mine at Trader Joe’s)
  • Googly eyes
  • White tape (I used first aid tape because I had a really old roll in the medical cabinet, but you can also use gauze or white masking tape)
  • Hot glue gun
Pumpkin Mummy Craft Materials


1. Hot glue the googly eyes on the pumpkin.

Pumpkin Mummy Craft Googly Eyes

2. Take one end of the tape and start wrapping it around the pumpkin. You can use one long continuous strip of tape, or you can break the tape up into shorter strips (maybe better for the little hands).

Pumpkin Mummy Craft Tape

3. Continue until you covered the majority of the pumpkin in white tape.

Pumpkin Mummy Halloween Craft (1)

That’s it! Your mummy pumpkin is ready to sit on your fireplace mantel or serve as outdoors decor for Halloween.

Pumpkin Mummy Halloween Craft (2)

If you are planning to use this craft at a party, I recommend gluing the eyes on ahead of time. You don’t want a bunch of impatient kids waiting for you with a hot glue gun! 

Also, if you are using gauze, you might want to cut the gauze into small strips so that the kids can use tape and secure the ends. It might be hard to wrap the entire pumpkin with a long piece of gauze since the pumpkin skin is so slippery.

Pumpkin Mummy Halloween Craft (4)

Are you a fan of mini pumpkins like me? We turned one into an erupting volcano!

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