Behind the Scenes: Life of a Mom Blogger

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On the fence about entering the world of blogging? Here is a behind the scenes look at what life of a blogger is like to help you make your decision!

Life of a Blogger

When I tell people I am a blogger, the first question I always get asked is, “how do you find time to blog with two children?” Well, that’s not true, a lot of times people first ask, “what is a blogger?” Haha it’s okay, I take no offense. Hang on tight, I am going to give you a behind the scenes look at the life of a mom blogger:

I don’t sleep…not much anyway.

Let’s jump right into it – I would say the worst part about blogging is that I am always burning the midnight oil, trying to finish a post. Since I always want my posts to be well-written and well-researched, it takes me about 4-8 hours total for one informative post.

Blogging is more than writing – it’s searching for eye-catching photos (my own or stock photos), editing the pictures, editing my posts, sharing them on social media, etc. My husband is constantly reminding me that I should sleep and posting one less post per week won’t kill me or the blog, but for the love of blogging, I sometimes just can’t let go! Sorry hubby!

I am on social media all the time.

The whole “if you build it, they will come” motto doesn’t work for blogging. If I have to pick a quote to represent blogging, I would pick “If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?”

You can write the most well-researched, funniest blog posts in the world, but if nobody knows about them, then your blog might as well not exist. Therefore, I am constantly on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest, sharing my posts and engaging with my readers. Once i make it bigger (that is, more $$$), I would love to hire a virtual assistant to help with social media management, but for now, it’s a one-woman show.

I try to limit my social media time to only when my kids are at school, napping or occupied with their toys. I don’t want to be THAT mom who ignores her children at the park while clicking away on the phone, but I will confess that I do hide in the bathroom to reply to comments once in a while.

I am always thinking about what to write.

Sometimes, inspiration hits and I can sit down after the kids have gone to sleep and just write for hours, while other days I cannot think of a good topic for the life of me.

So, you will have to excuse me if we are talking about random topics like mastitis and all the sudden I get super excited and start typing a reminder on my phone. Chances are I just got inspired and want to jot down the blog post idea before I forget. And if I run into a tree while walking the dog or stay in the shower a little longer than necessary to get clean, I am probably too busy in my head thinking about blog topics.

I take pictures of random things.

I can’t count the number of times people give me a weird look because I randomly stop in the middle of a supermarket and take a picture. Or I perch on a rock or roll in the grass to get a different perspective on the picture.

If you are on social media, especially Instagram, you can tell that pictures are everything. Especially for sponsored posts, the brands really look for clear, bright pictures that showcase their products in a unique way that makes people want to buy. So, excuse me while I paparazzi away my children or take pictures of random items in a grocery store – my blog depends on it.

blogger taking pictures

I may feel stressed out sometimes.

“With great power comes great responsibility,” translated into the blogging world, equals “with great influence comes great responsibility.” As an influencer, I definitely feel accountable for everything I post. I always double check, if not triple or quadruple check all the facts I put in my posts because I don’t want to guide people in the wrong direction with misleading information.

Even though I have fun writing all my posts, I do feel the pressure that others are influenced by what I write. And with sponsored posts, which are great whenever I do get them because they are my main source of income from blogging, I feel extra pressure to impress whoever is sponsoring the post. After all, they are shelling out money with the hope that I can spread the word about their product(s), so I better do a good job. Some sponsored posts come with a gigantic list of things we must do and things we cannot do, and it is extremely stressful to go through the list and make sure that I don’t violate any of the rules. But I guess it’s like any other job that pays you…some level of stress comes with blogging, but at least I love what I do!

I don’t want to blog all the time.

Yes, we established my love for blogging. However, it doesn’t mean I want to blog all day every day. I like writing hilarious stories in my posts, but some days, especially days when I get zero sleep and my toddler is going through the terrible tantrum phase, I just don’t feel funny. Instead, I feel like I want to tear my hair out and cry into it.

Good thing that blogging is flexible and I can choose to skip a day or two if necessary and catch up on sleep. No luck getting my toddler to get through the tantrum phase in that time period though, but at least some extra sleep helps me keep my blood pressure in check.

I may talk out loud at my computer.

Some days, you just have to speak your thoughts out loud to figure out the right sentence structure or the right way to phrase your thoughts. Sometimes I forget that I am not alone and start ranting at my computer, which is usually followed by weird looks from my husband. Oops.

I have many new friends.

Blogging opens up a whole new world of virtual friends. Through networking with bloggers and helping each other out, you start to connect with bloggers who may have similar experiences or have similar writing styles. You may collaborate with them on guest posts or giveaways and before you know it, you have made new friends. You may never get the chance to meet them in person, but having people who can support you throughout your blogging journey may make them closer to you than some of your local friends.

I love my life as a blogger.

As you can see, blogging is not all puppies and rainbows. However, it gives me a creative outlet and a place to vent about all my frustrations as a mom. I believe blogging is necessary for me to keep my sanity so I don’t bottle up everything and explode one day. And I do love how my posts are actually helping others; the comments and emails from readers who just want to thank me for writing definitely motivate me to keep going. Moreover, I am learning a whole lot myself when I research my post topics, and I am a better mom for it.

Since it’s my blog, I get to decide when to blog, how much to blog, and what to write about. And as a stay-at-home-mom who craves to return to the workforce but feels that being with my kids at this time is the right decision for my family, blogging satisfies the side of me that needs to do something else with my brain besides thinking about food, bowel movements, and all the other disgusting things that come with motherhood. Oh, and the money made from sponsored posts and affiliate links is a nice bonus too. 😉

So that’s about the gist of it! Hope I gave you a good idea of what life is like as a blogger. I bet if you didn’t know what a blogger did before this post, you think about our jobs a little differently now, eh?

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Life of a Mom Blogger

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  2. All very related things you mention here! I definitely struggle with getting my content out there! I tried my hand at too many social media outlets in the past and now I just try to focus on a few that I really like. Happy blogging to you!

  3. Awesome! I can relate to every paragraph you’ve written! In fact, me too I have two kids (one of which is a toddler) and I feel the same way about blogging! We might blog of different subjects but the struggle (and the joys) are the same!!

  4. These are all SOOOOO true! I especially love all the new connections/friendships I’ve made as a blogger, and the flexibility it allows for.. well, life!

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