Happy 3rd Birthday to My Son

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happy 3rd birthday to my son

I survived the terrible two’s. I don’t know how, but I did. Somehow, the year passed right before my eyes and my crazy, wild toddler turned 3 today.

Wishing a happy birthday to…

  • My energetic son who does not stop moving and makes sure that mommy gets her cardio workout every day by chasing after him.
  • My observant son who likes to stand on the sidelines and scrutinize everything before participating in an event.
  • My hilarious son who makes mommy laugh when he dances because he is loving his food or when he says “oh man” when things don’t go his way.Alex Birthday Stick Out Tongue
  • My train-obsessed son who loves everything about trains so much that mommy and daddy end up taking him on a train ride almost every weekend.
  • My daddy-obsessed son who wants daddy for everything because daddy does crazy, exciting things that mommy is either too tired or too scared to do. Alex Birthday Jump Over Creek
  • My fearless son who insists on giving mommy heart attacks multiple times a day by jumping from the stairs or from the piano bench.
  • My poker face son who does not ever smile in funny situations but mommy knows that he is screaming with joy on the inside.Alex Birthday Serious
  • My adventurous son who wants to try everything and who mommy can totally foresee sky-diving or cliff-jumping when he gets older.
  • My strong-willed son who tests mommy’s patience every day but mommy secretly admires for always fighting for what he wants.
  • My independent son who insists on doing everything himself because he believes that he can do anything in the world.
  • My caring son who runs to get his little sister a toy to make her smile when she is being sad.Alex Birthday Big Brother
  • My creative son who loves to think of different ways to play with a toy besides the way it is supposed to be played with because life is too boring otherwise.
  • My curious son who wants to learn about everything he sees and make mommy think hard when he asks for explanations on things mommy has no clue about.
  • My handsome son who has eyelashes that are so long that they look fake and huge, round doll eyes that make all women swoon.

Happy 3rd birthday Alex!

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happy 3rd birthday son

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