How to Become a Superhero Mom in 7 Easy Steps

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Being a mom is like being a superhero. But if you feel like you are not there yet, here are 7 steps to become a superhero mom!

superhero mom

As a mom, you have the power to function with no sleep, make boo-boos go away with a kiss, and kill the scary monster in the closet. However, “with great power comes great responsibility.”

Every day, we need to summon unparalleled strength and courage in us to conquer and survive unimaginable situations. Especially for new moms, the amount of responsibility may be overwhelming at first.

For the sake of our kids, we need to become superheroes, and there is no time to waste. Here are 7 steps to help you achieve superhero status in a flash (ha…ha):

Step to Become a Superhero Mom

Step 1: Discover Your Super Power

Don’t have the ability to fly or shoot webs out of your wrists? Not able to gain muscle tone at the blink of an eye when you are angry? No worries, soon you will discover you can:

  • Use your “spider-sense” to detect and stop impending danger, like when it’s way too quiet in the house and your toddler is about to draw on the dog with a permanent marker.
  • Use your super speed and reflexes to catch your baby when he/she dives off the sofa, the table, or a play structure.
  • Use your super strength to carry a baby, a toddler, a diaper bag, and all the toys they must hold in their hands all at the same time while pushing a shopping cart full of groceries.
  • Use your super endurance and patience to survive hours of cluster feeding and tearful temper tantrums.
  • Talk in a super low, deep voice (ok not a superpower but Batman sure frightens his enemies when he talks like that) and scare the bejesus out of your children when they do something wrong.

Step 2: Find Your Costume

All superheroes need a cool yet functional costume.

For breastfeeding moms, this means nursing tops or V-necks perhaps with a nursing cover as a cap. Think about stain-resistant clothes because you will encounter spit-ups, poop stains, vomit, and food stains as you fight your way through diaper changes, cases of stomach flu, mealtimes, etc.

For most moms, especially ones like me who do not look like Wonder Woman weeks after giving birth, the costume cannot be completed without a super comfortable pair of yoga pants.

Here is a helpful tip – always have a backup costume in the car because you never know when your costume may be ripped or dirtied in the heat of the battle and may need a replacement pronto.

Step 3: Equip Yourself with Cool Gadgets

For superheroes like Iron Man and Batman, gadgets are what enable them to do extraordinary stunts to save lives.

Similarly, moms cannot survive without the necessary gadgets. Instead of tear-gas pellets or laser torch in a utility belt, moms are often equipped with snacks, books, and toys in a diaper bag – anything to help quiet down a baby or toddler.

Step 4: Locate Your Secret Lair

I know, wouldn’t it be nice if us moms have our own Fortress of Solitude in the middle of nowhere so we could at least go to the bathroom in peace?

But since we can’t leave our little humans for too long, we need somewhere local to stash our stuff. I guess the closet will have to do for storing our costumes.

If you are one of the lucky ones who have a walk-in pantry with a door, you can use the top shelves to hide your secret stash of food that you don’t want your children to have and sneak a bite or two in before your kids drag you out of your not-so-secret lair to fulfill their never-ending list of needs.

Step 5: Come Up with a Superhero Catchphrase

I know, when our toddlers are testing our patience, we all want to just yell “HULK SMASH!” (or is it just me?). However, that probably would draw some weird glances your way from other parents on the playground.

So come up with something that is more you. Most moms use the same catchphrase, such as “If you don’t stop, we are going home!” or “I am going to count to 5. 1… 2… 3…” I have decided to take a page out of Judge Dredd’s book and shout “I am the law!” every time my kids refuse to listen to me (just kidding).

Remember, your catchphrase says a lot about you and represents who you are as a person, so choose a good one that gives you power and boosts your strength.

Step 6: Form Your League of Superhero Moms

All superheroes have a weakness that they cannot overcome, so they team up with others to fight their enemies.

Some moms cannot cook for the life of them, while others have trouble entertaining their toddlers all by themselves at home.

Whatever your Kryptonite is, it could be another mom’s strength.  Therefore, moms need to find their tribe and build a village of moms supporting each other.

Step 7: Take Down the Enemies

Sometimes the “enemies” are your own kids who are doing everything to test your patience and wear you down. Sometimes they are the bullies on the playground threatening to embarrass and take advantage of your kid.

They may be known enemies, or they may pop up when you least expect it, like a fellow mom who offers candy to your child when you are trying to promote a sugar-free lifestyle. Whoever it is, always be ready to summon your powers and figuratively beat down your enemies and save the day.

You are a Superhero Mom!

You think Thor would be able to change a diaper as efficiently as you? Or Captain America be able to make your toddler eat spinach?

Maybe we don’t fight crime or combat threats against humanity, but we as moms have our own superhero powers to get through adventures of motherhood.

And just like all of the superheroes, we will always be there to protect the ones we love no matter what. So step into a metaphorical phone booth and slip on those yoga pants moms.

It’s clobberin’ time.

Who is your favorite superhero and what kind of superhero would you be? 

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45 thoughts on “How to Become a Superhero Mom in 7 Easy Steps”

  1. Haha this is cute – I definitely feel like Supermom most days… Or Supertired… It goes both ways 🙂

    If I had a superpower, I’d choose to not need sleep – couldn’t we accomplish so much more without that pesky resting thing? 🙂

    1. Omg totally agree! Would love it if I don’t need sleep. Imagine how much we could achieve during the nights (or Netflix shows we can watch?)

  2. It’s definitely important to find your own fortress off solitude. Mine is the bathroom, but hey – whatever works.

  3. SUch a lovely post! I think the best way to be a superhero mum is just to be yourself and do your best. Their is not miracle recipe and having one would put so much pressure on mums! And dads alike! xx corinne

  4. I love this post. I am not a mum but my mother is definitely Superwoman. She knows everything and I do not know how she manages her job while maintaing the house.

    Really appreciate all the mothers!

  5. Love this!! I think most parents are super heroes, even in the moments when they don’t feel like they are! 🙂

  6. I like this, but I feel like we all need to be really careful forming our leagues. One minute we’re superhero moms, the next we’re super villains judging the other moms!

  7. This is humorous and so much fun! Moms truly are super hero’s. I didn’t realize how much my mom did until becoming a mom!

  8. Well I am glad you wrote this in a way that doesn’t put pressure on moms, I truly appreciate that since i am tired of mom shamming and all that bull. I am not really a super mom but together with my hubby we do the best we can to be super together for our daughter 😉

  9. Awesome! Mom’s are definitely the best superheros around. Great read as I will share this with the wife as I believe she would look better as a superhero mom.

  10. Lol! This is just such a funny way of looking at all the things necessary to being a parent. I will have to go about finding my secret layer somewhere. When I find it then I will have to work on those super gadgets.

  11. I am not sure if a Jedi qualifies as a super hero, but it will be fun to be a Jedi. I would love to use the mind control trick to tell my kids to eat their veggies.

  12. This is hilarious and very entertaining, it’s also VERY much true, lol. I can totally relate to this and as it turns out we’re already superheroes after all. I just really want to wear a costume though.

  13. This is such a hilarious post. It is so relatable too. I love all the references too. I’m not a mom yet but they seem like super heroes and great ones too.

  14. This is a great post on how to become superhero mom in 7 easy steps. I love the one about having to find your own lair. We all need to find a little time to ourselves in a special place away from everyone else. Thanks for sharing the awesome tips.

  15. I am such a huge superhero fanatic!! My absolute favorite is Wonder Woman, I used to have the underroos and run around fighting crime in my undies lol!! I think she is the epitome of a woman, super strong, intelligent, tactical, nurturing and gorgeous……a super she-ro!!

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