7 Ways to Help an Overwhelmed New Mom

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Being a new mom is not easy. Here are 7 ways you can support a new mom and ease her into motherhood!

how to help new moms

A lot of love and pride goes into being a mother, especially a first-time mom, but sometimes that pride can stop new moms from asking for help. There won’t have been a time in history where moms haven’t felt pressure to be naturally amazing, and most often a lot of that pressure comes from themselves!

For modern moms, social media is flooded with images, posts, blogs, and advice about being the perfect mother. Friends post all their happy and amazing moments, giving the illusion of being a perfect parent with a perfect baby in their ideal life – leaving out those moments of tears, doubt, and stress.

Through all this, a common ‘mama mindset’ has taken hold: “I don’t need help, I should be able to do this all by myself.”

So, how can we replace that mindset with the wise, old adage “it takes a village to raise a child” without hurting the pride of a new mother?  Well, here’s six ways you can support a new mom:

Give Her Some Valuable ‘Me Time’

A new mom might be nervous about leaving her baby, but it doesn’t need to be for a day or night (though if you can swing it, that’s pretty awesome, too). Workaround the baby’s feeds to let mom get a quick massage or a haircut or even the groceries!

It’ll have been a while since she has been able to grab her wallet and keys and walk out the door. Even a short amount of time will help her relax and breathe – she’ll love it!

Treat the New Mom

A new mom has probably received plenty of quality baby gifts, but nothing just for her. So why not treat the new mom? This could go hand in hand with babysitting. Buying them a mani-pedi or massage voucher is a great incentive to get them out of the house baby-free!

The added bonus is that she’ll feel relaxed and more refreshed afterward. So even if she doesn’t use it straight away, you know that once she does, she’ll love it!

Keep Her Social

Remaining in the loop with friends is incredibly important after a baby is born. Sometimes, locked up inside a house dealing with new routines, a mom can get a little closed off and lonely.

Encourage her out of the house to have lunch with you and some friends at a lovely café. The baby can get plenty of cuddles from everyone while mom enjoys some excellent food and great company.

This option is also a great compromise if they aren’t ready for some baby-free time.

Organize Some Meals

Chances are, the new mom is exhausted and a little stressed yet postpartum wellness is more important than ever. Coming up with dinner ideas can sometimes seem like a bit much. So, if you’ve got the time, throw together some freezable, reheatable meals like casseroles and spaghetti.

Even a proud mama who insists they can do it all will be grateful that on those nights when they’re extra tired, they have something sustainable waiting in their freezer.

You can also organize a meal train with other friends and keep the food coming! Gather a group of people who want to help out and schedule out the meals so that there is fresh food delivered to the new mom’s door at least for the first couple of weeks after the baby’s arrival.

Help with The Chores

As well as being exhausted and have their hands full, it’s not uncommon for new moms to nap when the baby naps. This doesn’t leave a lot of time to do the housework.

Offer to pop over and help out or dive in during a social visit.  Even one day of not having to worry about laundry and dishes can make a massive difference to a new mom!

Be Supportive

This is the most important thing you can do. New moms need to know that others understand and care.

We all know that unsolicited baby advice can be a bit overwhelming for new moms, so it’s best to LISTEN to the new mom and relate to her through your own experiences. Let her guide the discussion.

Be understanding. New moms are going through an exhausting, emotional, and sometimes confusing time. And that’s ok. Give them their space, perhaps organize a visit for another day, and just let them know you’re a quick text or call away if they ever need you.

Be an Active Listener

One thing that a new mom will be itching for is some adult conversation or someone to vent to after spending a day at home with a newborn. This is when you have to put your active listening ears on.

As much as you may be tempted to vent about your frustrating day at work or with your kids, hold back and remember that it’s about the new mom. You don’t have to offer advice, simply listen and show that you’re listening. It’ll be like therapy for a new mom.

The most important thing for a new mom is that she knows she has people she can count on whether it’s just to ease her stress, her worries, or help her through a dark period. And if you notice any signs of postpartum depression, help her to seek the right support.

This is a guest post by Martina Vitulli, founder and owner of The Essential Baby Box, a curated and styled baby essentials box packed with gorgeous newborn items and delivered worldwide.


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